Employment Law

Are you, as an employer, about to terminate a contract? Have you, as an employee, been unfairly dismissed? Is there a problem with the witness?

Anything to do with employment law, salary and civil servant contracts, we are qualified to represent both employers as well as employees.

The following areas are our strengths:

Employment contracts and existing employment relationships

• Employment contract • evidence
• Transfer • overtime
• Remuneration reduction • vacation
• Salary shortfall • fixed employment contracts

Dismissal support and compensation

• Dismissal • compensation
• Uncertain dismissal • no notice dismissal
• Dismissal support • Reminder
• Suspension  

Collective employment right

• Union • Salary
• Union agreements • No notice dismissal

Special issues

• Part-time employment • Expenses reimbursement
• Workplace accidents • bullying
• Betriebsübergang gem. § 613 a BGB  

We represent you in and outside of court. In doing so we examine the contracts, attend the negotiations and most importantly take the taxation into consideration.

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Medical Law

Are you a victim of doctor negligence? Do the obstacles put in your way confuse you? Has your health deteriorated with pain and fear? Do you feel left alone? Does the perpetrator deny any wrongdoing and the insurance company refuse to grant adequate compensation?

The statistics show the shocking reality – every year thousands of people suffer long-term damage because of doctors´ mistakes. Yet the compensation for medical damage in Germany is low, in most cases the compensation does not correspond to the suffering the victim endures.

This must change. With expert doctors beside us we will fight every case, so that the compensation paid-out is equivalent to the suffering endured.

We specialize in medical law and are active on the patients’ behalf. We offer professional and dedicated legal support to enforce your claim.

Without professional assistance adequate compensation can never be achieved. We advocate for you and your rights and set a reasonable compensation goal. Trust our experience where medical practice law is concerned. We will act in your best interests.

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Inheritance Law

  • Will
  • Inheritance
  • Inheritance and division contract
  • Care plan (care power of attorney, patient and care provision)
  • Succession
  • Information gathering
  • Certificate of inheritance
  • Renouncement of inheritance
  • Assertion and defence of claims of duty
  • Will execution
  • Discount fuse
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Issue of Certification
  • In and out of court representation in disputes
  • Taxation analysis

Inheritance Tax and Donation Law

  • Structuring and advice of donation
  • Succession plan
  • Contract drafting
  • Inheritance legalisation
  • Claim substantiation
  • International inheritance law (Mallorca, Turkey or Switzerland)
  • Issue of Certification
  • In and outside court representation in disputes
  • Donation and inheritance taxation analysis

With our special lawyers and tax advisors we offer you, during the transfer of wealth, comprehensive and in depth legal and taxation advice and representation.

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Family Law

Are you going through a separation and will you divorce? Are you divorced and receive no maintenance or are not allowed to see your children?

Family law is very complex and we can provide you with advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Marriage
  • Marital termination
  • Divorce
  • Provision settlement
  • Maintenance questions such as separation, divorce and child maintenance
  • Custody and access rights
  • Common law partnership
  • Registered common law partnership
  • Adoption
  • Fathers’ rights
  • Contract formulation

A great part of family law is dealing with divorce, therefore we would like to devote a few more lines to this.

Separation and divorce occur very rarely in common consent and place a lot of emotional stress on all parties. Furthermore this leads to personal and financial changes.

The disputes, in the majority of cases, will affect the children the most, who are already suffering greatly and are least able to defend themselves.

Therefore it is important that a neutral and factual party, i.e. us, gets involved, where we will explain the rights and obligations in the separation/divorce. Our goal is to achieve an out-of-court settlement, which all parties are satisfied with and reduce the emotional trauma to the lowest possible level.

Naturally not all cases can be settled out-of-court, therefore should it come to this, we would provide you with support and represent you in court.

Our firm can advise you about the possible consequences of your case. From us you will receive a comprehensive and competent service.

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