Preparing your tax declaration

As your competent partners, we can assist you with your tax obligations. We prepare your business and private tax declarations and make sure that your fiscal tax obligations are decreased to the maximum level.

In case of a review of your tax declaration we will accompany you in the in or out-of-court process to ensure your best interests.

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Annual report preparation

Although the annual report is only a snapshot of a company’s business result at the end of the commercial year, it is an important indicator in conjunction with the on-going business analysis. In addition, it provides the information required for the fiscal tax declarations by banks and creditors.

It is also an important instrument for the business success and planning, forecasting development, asset evaluation and liquidity assessment.

We will be by your side when you need to understand the business results, profitability review, cost structure and peer group comparison.

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Financial accounting

Our services include accounting with domestic and international accounting systems, with a combination of legal and taxation advice. Your financial accounts are shown in the monthly business analysis and, if you so wish, the cost accounts, which allows you to review your business in a timely fashion and grants you important hands-on business planning tools.

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Wage and salary statement

Our wage and salary administration is more than just printing out your employees’ salary slips. It reflects how you value and appreciate your employees with the utmost discretion. Furthermore the wages and salaries are influenced constantly by the change of social insurance, tax and employment laws.

We do not just undertake salary administration, but also deal with the German tax office, health and pension insurance authorities as well as professional associations and assist with relevant reviews.

This will interlink with financial accounting, controlling and statistical analysis and enable you to carry out proactive personnel planning.

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Tax advice and structuring

As an independent and competent tax and economic advisor we assist you in enhancing your success and security as an entrepreneur or a private individual.

Whether your company has a pending successor or as an entrepreneur you must make a decision about the legal form of the entity, whether you are planning a gift or would like to know your inheritance, it is our pleasure to make a forecasted tax plan and exploit all tax aspects for you.

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Aviation Tax

Thanks to our subsidiary company Haas T & L we are tax representatives for numerous foreign airlines. We help our clients in all fields of Aviation Tax and we are your direct line to customs.

We also fulfill the following tasks:

  • Help with the forward planning of monthly tax registration
  • Submission of tax returns
  • Submit necessary objections with regard to the unconstitutionality of aviation tax law
  • Clarify law questions with the tax authorities and the BMF
  • Contact with BARIG and other interest Groups
  • Inform our clients about test cases, current practices and important and new administrative instructions
  • Carrying out audits
  • Clarifying questions about the audits and liaising with the auditors, the Main Customs Office, the BFD and the Federal Ministry of Finance

We are tax representatives of numerous European and International Airlines. We want aviation tax to be less of a personal and financial problem for you. And the best part is, the price is very attractive! With our Headquarters in Eschborn near Frankfurt, we have the “know how’’ of a law firm with the whole spectrum of a Legal and Tax Consultancy, our main fields being tax, corporate and contract law.

Lots of airlines trust us – challenge us too!

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